Taurus Tattoo Studio
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Tattoo artist Peter Green

Owner and founder of Taurus Tattoo Studio Pete has been in the business for almost 3 decades. Having continued to tattoo throughout the ever changing world of tattooing Pete has establishing himself as a truly multi-talented tattooist with a wide ranging style and an excellent eye for bright, vibrant colour pieces.


With well over a decade in the business under his belt Kevin has emerged as one of the most talented tattoo artists in the UK. With a great artistic ability and a keen eye for detail Kevin has a real talent for custom design work and a speciality for potrait tattoos which are second to none.
Tattoo artist Kevin Evans
Tattoo artist Daisy Beall

Daisy is Taurus Tattoo Studios resident piercer and, after completing her apprenticeship with Taurus, the studio's newest tattooist. Daisy is a true talent with a great eye for detail, artistic flair and an eye for vibrant colour piece's. Daisy has a speciality for mandala tattoo's which are second to none.
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