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Taurus Tattoo Studio Price Guide

Standard Tattoos

At Taurus Tattoos we have 1000's of tattoo designs of different styles so all our tattoos are priced individually dependent on size and style.

Custom Design Tattoos

Due to the varied size and styles of tribal tattoos and custom design tattoos and the length of time that it can take to do this kind of work, all tribal and custom work is priced at 60 per hour or 300 for full day session. (6 Hours)

Laser Tattoo Removal

Free consultation, free test patch. Each session costs 30 and sessions last up to 15 minutes. Between 4 - 10 sessions may be required, dependent on the tattoo to be removed, with four week intervals between each session.

Piercing Price Guide


Ear Piercing (one ear) 5.00 Ear Piercing (both ears) 10.00
Nose Piercing 5.00

Tongue 25.00 Helix 10.00
Industrial 40.00 Daith 20.00
Rook 20.00 Naval Piercing 20.00
Nose 20.00 Forward Helix 20.00
Conch 20.00 Tragus (fore ear) 20.00
Labret (lower lip) 20.00 Madonna (upper lip) 20.00
Septum (between nostrils) 20.00 Eyebrow Piercing 20.00
Nipple Piercing (one) 20.00 Nipple Piercing (both) 40.00

All Dermal piercings are 30
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