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Laser Tattoo Removal.

At Taurus Tattoo Studio we understand that some tattoo's, for one reason or another, can become unwanted, after all we have done our fair share of cover-ups over the years.
At Taurus Tattoo's we also understand that not everybody wants to cover-up an unwanted tattoo with another tattoo, that's why at Taurus we now offer a full and comprehensive Laser Removal service.
With the advancements in laser tattoo removal technology, you don't have to live with that unwanted tattoo anymore and you dont have to cover it with another tattoo.
Whatever your reasons we provide expert treatments for tattoo removals of all kinds. Whether your tattoo is an expert work of art by a professional tattoo artist or a misguided teenage mistake with a bottle of Indian ink and a needle laser treatments could literally make that unwanted tattoo fade back to bare skin.
Laser tattoo removal works by using short pulses of intense light targeted at the tattoo, the light passes through your skin layer to act directly on the ink, breaking it down over a course of treatments into small particles that your body's immune system removes naturally leaving the surrounding skin unharmed, gradually fading the tattoo away to nothing.
There are several factors that contribute to the success of tattoo removal and to the number of sessions you will require. The size, age, location, colour and type of application will all influence the success of tattoo removal treatments.
Tattoos on areas of the body like ankles and fingers may be more difficult to remove whereas tattoos on areas like arms and legs may be easier to remove. Tattoos on darker skin tones may require more sessions than tattoos on fair skin.
Tattoos done by professional tattoo artist are often harder to remove than amateur tattoos as the ink is injected deeper into the skin.
Between 4 - 10 sessions may be required, dependent on the tattoo to be removed, with four week intervals between each session. Each session costs 30.

Our tattoo removal service includes;

  • Free consultations to explain the treatment
  • Accurate estimates of time and cost for your removal
  • Complete or partial removals
  • Fast, accurate and effective treatments
  • Localised anaesthetic cream to minimise discomfort
  • Before and after care advice
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